0016 FrostGrave: Quarter Quell

Frostgrave: Quart Quell 0016

  • Date: Nov 19, 2016
  • Location: The Card Addict
  • Frostgrave
  • Scenario: *A Quarter Quell – Training

“Master, should I not scout ahead. This is an out skirt that has not been scavenged.”

“I will hire a small band to go with me. Just in case. Would that set your mind at ease?”

“I still done understand why you will not take me with you on this journey”

“In due time my friend. Prepare the supplies and being looking for a warband. Soon we will venture deep with the frozen city.”


(Below) Here you can see some havoc I created. My figures are not int he middle of this, no, I just used the spell “Transpose” and swapped Robins and Wally’s wizards. I felt like The Joker introducing a little anarchy.


This was a good short half game. Wally ended up “winning” but the game did have to be cut short due to time.


These treasure chest are made my hand by Wally and Robin. Pretty well done if you ask me. Wally’s are the solid one and can handle a lot of punishment.

*A Quarter Quell is a mission that is played with less that full point counts.


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