0018: Frostgrave: The Market

Frostgrave: The Market 0018

  • Date: May 6th, 2017
  • Location: The Card Addict
  • Frostgrave
  • Scenario: The Market


The snowy haze from the storm has died down. Upon the ruined city my Njorn Claw Clan creeps up to what appears to be a former market place of this ancient magical city. “Spread out and look for what you can,” my Apprentice barks out in a rough voice. 

Thodulf, my son, a thug if there ever was one sprints to the front. Just as he notices a front leather bag on the ground the chilling sounds of hounds barking in the distances can me heard.

My Apprentice, Ejrvindr, drops to one knee placing the palm of his hand on the ground covered in snow. His Staff glows slightly melting the covering. ” I sense a foul over of a soothsayer and his gang of heathens.” He will out match me one day, my apprentice, a great sense of his surrounds he has. Far better than I did at his level. 

The first of two matches:

The first one was a relatively quick endeavor. Wally, playing a Soothsayer, used the most Min/Max spells of the game: Mind Control and Reveal Secret. There for her just controlled anyone holding a treasures and scrambles to get off the map.

  • This seems to be a major complaint online as many say it defeats the game too quickly.
  • Point being: The object of Frostgrave is to get treasure. After that nothing else is truly as important. Therefore being able to steal treasure from others as a primary “active” spell (as oppose to re-active) allows him to achieve that objective quicker and in higher quantity than any other wizard. Due in part because of the other spell Reveal secret. Mind control appears (original game) to be the only spell that puts your character(s) in someone else’s control.
  • The issue with MC that I have is that the ability to cast it is too low and/or to remove it naturally is also too high.
  • Solution: MC only lasts One round (one activation of the unit)
    • Additional: If the wizard rolls X number above the casting needed more rounds are added.  
    • The base Skill cast is 12. 
    • The same Will rolls for getting rid of it apply.  A Spellcast may not use heath to boost beyond minimum cast roll. (He rolls a 10 and can boost for 2 points to 12 but not boost to 14 or higher for more rounds)
    • Active VS re-Active
      • Re-active spells used to fix or undo spells of another.
        • Create an ice wall, crumble and Ice Wall
        • Mind control, Dis-spell
        • Forget Spell, Dis-spell

Match 1 A Wally

The battle ended with the Soothsayer mind controlling all the time. All in all a not so enjoyable match. Not much to be done.

Match 1 B Wally

Match 2: The Market Castle ruins

Elementalist (Robins Rebels) VS Illusionist (Njorn Claw Clan)


Njorn Claw Clan VS Robins RebelsMatch 2 A LINE UP


I cast the wizards eye successfully twice on this one as you can see from the picture. It allowed me to stay behind cover while casting. A few times though Robin used area of effect (AoE) spells and almost tagged me. It was a scary but enjoyable bit of gaming. I learned I need to separate my soldiers from the wizard and apprentice once the wizard eye is cast. Unfortunately that puts most of my phase work on to the soldier phase.

Match 2 B Wizards eye


The crowning achievement of this battle was my transpose spell that I cast on my thug and his apprentice. As you can see from the picture their final location. The round before this spell the apprentice cast Ice Wall. At the same time I moved the thug into base contact with my other thugs. Once transposed the apprentice was positioned in base-to-contact with my knight and another thug.

Robin forgot I had a bird (wizards eye) on the column. I would say it was planned down to the detail but it wasn’t. It just happened to end up perfectly to fit the criteria for the spell casting.

On top of that I had and archer on a column that could see everything. (figure I used was a pikeman but he was spec’ed as an archer.

Match 2 C The switch

Moving in closer you can see what the apprentice would have to face. At that point we called the game.

Match 2 D Frodulfs revenge

We both got 3 treasures but I “Won” due to his apprentice being trapped. The forecast the outcome and figure after the apprentice was dead the wizard was soon to follow; as you can see most of my forces are on the end that he was pursuing me towards.

I dont normally get a run of luck like I did this game. It was nice to win one.


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