0019 Battle Simulation: Arid and the King Cade

Battle Simulation: Arid and the King Cade 0019

  • Date: May 13th, 2017
  • Location: The Card Addict
  • Classic Battletech (3025)
  • Scenario: The Planet of Arid and the King Cade

The situation is thus: The city has been raided a few times by some gangs. They keep coming in to do what they’d like. The Lance was hire to stop them.

They would make sweeping runs long the road destroying buildings with people they don’t like in them.

We started in back of the city. Not knowing the direction they came from we quickly figured it out. The road to the far left. Tanks, hover craft and the like.

1 Scn 12 SCN 1

After a few run in’s we managed to stop a few. They then began to “run for the hills” instead of following the road.

3 SCN 1

A few got by us but our trusty spider mech jumped up on a building to give us a good view and report back.

4 SCN 1

Following one of the vehicles we managed to blast it to surrender. Standing proudly by the statue of Aridious (far left) the crew hopped out and attempted to flee. Only to be hailed by the Mechwarrior to stop or receive a slow burning death.

5 SCN 1

The locust would have none of this and threatened him until he stopped.

6 SCN 1

With the battle over and crews captured we reported in. Only to be summoned to the local water station….

The water Station and King Cade

The event took place a little ways from the city. Connected by roads we took the scenic route through the low lands…

King Cades Merc. Units already on the scene. We encountered an entire lance and support vehicles taking what they will. Our job was to attempt to stop them. They were already making their way out when we arrived.

B1 SCN 2

Sending our light mechs in first they moved faster. We got bogged down by our slow moving mechs…

B2 SCN 2

The Charger Mech managed to fast track himself to the end of the bridge. Providing a plug to this flow of water.

B3 SCN 2

The cities lack of planning provided for an almost comical even where these locust dodged bullets and limped into the woods. Trucks and tanks being halted by mere chance.

But as you can see here it would only be a temporary fix as the heavy rifleman’s would step up and burn our assess to nothing….

B4 SCN 2

And here we see the final picture taken of the game. All the heavy and medium are still stuck in the back. 5 or 6 turns and they are not even half way up the map…

B5 SCN 2

This debacle of a game was not very well planned. No combat values were used in the deciding factors of forces.

End of Battle Simulation


It’s this match that finally determined for me that I will no longer wish to play Classic Battletech. I’m going to purchase Alpha Strike kit and play with a buddy of mine. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of merit in this game but the level of upkeep and tracking is outlandish. These two matches that day took over 6 hours to play. Time I will never get back… 

Personally, I enjoy a good story line and to be apart of an ever flowing and expanding narrative. But this game and other events here on AoF have been presented by the same GM over the years and it has come to the end in my mind. 

I applaud those that can handle all the upkeep and have memorized the tables and charts. Alas, I can not. I wish for something that is quicker with assumed actions already accounted for. Simply for more story telling and less time spent in one location of the story… I believe I may find this in Alpha strike so I am going to explore that avenue.



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