This is my personal gaming blog. All information is at my discretion.

  1. If you would like to present an edit feel free to make a comment. If I don’t agree to it I will delete your comment.
    • Therefore, if you have a comment about the game(s) in general and you want to present an edit to me, do it in two comments. 
  2. I will use your first name until given a nick name or call sign to label you under. I will not go back and edit graphics with your name on them. I will make a transition graphic for supplying your new name. Example; “Killer aka Bill,” and from then on you will be referred to as your nick name. I will never use your last name unless you ask me to.
  3. I do my best not to take photo’s of peoples faces or identify them (other than their first name, item 2), etc. But If I do and you do not ask me take it off. I will not take it off. I usually blur that kind of stuff anyway. Refer to item 1. 

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